My Android Tools APK Free Download

My Android Tools apk is a great app which lets its users to control multiple tasks in their android mobile phones.  The features which makes this app reliable are including to view the running background apps along with extended information etc. You can view and kill the apps and processes and free the ram usage for faster performance.
My Android Tools APK Free Download

If you want to do so then download the My Android Tools apk file from the link below and achieve your desired goal with My android tools. It is free and safe to download here.

At first glance you will need to give root access to it. If you want to root your device then try the kingo root apk file to root your android device in secure and efficient way.

This app is usually used for enable or disable  any service or activity and much more. it shows the log-cat and shows the shared preference and SQLite database for all apps. You can enable and disable app for extending battery life.
some of the features you can get from My android tools are as follow:
  • you can view the background running apps.
  • you can disable any app and its services.
  • disable any activity, provider, service etc.
  • view database and information of apps.
  • you can kill the process.
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