ApentalCalc v2.51 APK Free Download for Android

ApentalCalc is one of the most famous social apps to get maximum likes on Facebook profiles it helps you to get likes on your Photo, Video or any other status that you share on your Facebook profile . The Great Auto Liker was development by APENTAL Team. The latest version is Version 2.51 . (ApentalCalc) is available on Aptental's official Website.

ApentalCalc is a Facebook Auto Liker Social App which helps it users to get likes  on content they share on their Facebook Profile. The Latest version of Apental is available Free to use .
You can download the latest version from the link given on our website , all you need to do is download ApentalCalc from our Website and Install it on your Android Smart Phone or Tablet.
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  1. Apental Calc helps you to get maximum likes on your Facebook Photos
  2. It helps you to get maximum likes on your Facebook Posts
  3. This app helps you to get maximum likes on your Facebook Page
  4. It has simple User Interface and is very easy to use
  5. ApentalCalc is 100% Free and Available to Use 

How to Use ApentalCalc on Android:

 It is Simple and Easy to Use User Interface. ApentalCal is a great app for FB users you will easily understand from given setups

Step 1 : 

Download the Latest Version of Apental Calc from the Link Given Below .

2nd Step:

Install Apental App Version 2.51 on your Android Smart Phone or Tablet

3rd Step: 

After Installing this auto liker open the App and Login to your Facebook Account.

4th Step:

Now After Longing in to your Facebook Account Upload the Picture you want to get likeson, after uploading the Picture will appear on your Screen.

4th Step:

 Click on the Button "Wants to like on this".

Remember :
To get Likes on your Photo . your Photo Should be Public Post.
                          Apentalcalc apk

File Information :

File Name : ApentalCalc(Facebook Auto Liker).
App Size : 2.0 MB.
Version : Latest Version 2.51.
Developed By : Apental.
Operating System OS : Android OS (All Versions).
App type : Social App , Facebook Post Liker , Auto Liker.
Price : Free to use.


  Apental Calc apk version 2.51>>Downlod>>2.0MB

Older Versions:

Apental apk version 2.50>>Download>>2 MB

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